Torque Wrench Calibrations Services Perth

As you would know calibration is critical to ensure equipment is both safe, and accurate. Components can drift as they are stressed with age.

Without regular periodic calibration, the measurements made by these components are compromised, sometimes to the point where they pose a safety risk to the user.

We suggest you have your torque wrench calibrated every 12 months.

INSPEK Calibrations  is Accredited to ISO 9001 QUALITY Certified System. You can be assured that we follow the strict guidelines and requirements to ensure you are receiving the best calibration service possible.

We take more measurements than many other calibration providers, providing greater assurance that your product is making accurate, repeatable readings. It makes sense that the more thoroughly the product is tested, the more confidence you can have. Conversely, a calibration performed with a limited number of readings can lead to a false “pass” result which is not what you would want.

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